Friday, July 20, 2012


Very excited to present the last thing I worked on before my Germany trip: Katara for the Character Redesign over at Ten Paces and Draw! I didn't get to finish all of the background I'd planned before racing out the door, but I'm pretty happy with her altogether!

Check out other artists' interpretations HERE!

Lots of new projects on the horizon! I'll keep you updated!

Die Blumen

I spent almost three weeks in Germany with my family in June. Incredible country. Gorgeous scenery, a friendly people, solar panels and wind turbines in even the smallest villages. When I got home I decided to take the huge amount of paper products I got from pamphlets and maps and use them to collage some of the many flowers that I saw (and collected in a small journal).

For me, someone who prefers to create his own textures for the most part, this was a very fun and liberating project. And I love the idea of both collecting original flowers in my field journal, and then transcribing them with pieces of the country itself.

Oh, there's a little bit of Austria in there too (the Schonnbrun is in the Campanula and Klimt's The Kiss is used in a lot of the yellows because it was so prevalently advertised). Loved it all.

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