Thursday, April 30, 2009

I was chosen!

I literally just discovered silhouettes, and this is my first one, and it was chosen to be in the Observer next week, for the book "Not Becoming my Mother". Exciting!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Helen Gurley Brown

The original Carrie Bradshaw basically. She's the editor of Cosmopolitan and is therefore very important and influential. The Observer piece this week is about her:

I used the gouache ink resist technique again. 

so I love plants and animals...

And Okami is a game where you're the wolf avatar of the sun goddess Amaterasu and you save Japan by restoring nature. So I made my brother this:

Because I love drawing on the screen with the Wii Remote and making gigantic Sakura trees blossom. AND THEN NATURE IS SAVED USING GIGANTIC AWESOME SWORDS CALLED GLAIVES. Or rosaries (like the one I painted). 

Yeah. Big ole nerd for nature. I said it. Don't hate. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Chemistry of Pigments

I won't lie, it's a class I love. I mean... we do some really fun chem problems (never thought I'd say that), we focus on the Periodic Table (whose organization is something every OCD person cherishes), and we synthesize our own pigments! 

For a midterm we had to integrate science and art, so I studied three different pigments and did a painting using them. Someone in my Children's book class briefly described the actual process to me, and then I found more exact directions online, but I really like how it looks kind of like a woodblock print and less like a painting. 

By the way, the pigments I used were Indanthrone Blue (an organic synthetic), Rose Madder Genuine (made from the Madder Root, a fugitive), and Naples Yellow (or Antimony sometimes, whose lead component is almost exclusively replaced by other metals). 

This Week's Observer

Eh... yeah I wasn't feelin it this week. 

 The story was about 4 Oberlin grads, all women, who move to NYC and struggle with life, love, and blah blah blah. It sounded enough like Sex and the City to make me gag. So... yeah, it's on cardboard with paint pen and some acrylic. 

Also, the circular disk is a millstone. The adage, "the millstone around one's neck"? But my professor hadn't heard that one. Ah well. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Okay caught up with the last few semesters now - I'll probably try and catch up with this semester's work soon. There's still a lot more but I either haven't scanned it in or haven't found the files so... ah well. 

On to begin my hanafuda paintings!

Observer pieces up until now:

Laura Lippman's Life Sentences:

Simon Critchley's The Book of Dead Philosophers:

Jonathan Keats' The Book of the Unknown: Tales of the Thirty-Six:

John Haskell's Out of My Skin:

From last semester:

My favorite one of all:

Roberto Bolano's 2666:
done in acrylic, watercolor, and instant coffee (the glossy browns). 

Toni Morrison's A Mercy:

whoa, slow down, and hug the walls

I have a feeling, with some certainty in fact, that this is what insanity looks like. And to be honest, I loved every single second of it. 

Except for the few seconds I didn't enjoy it. It's based on a Fragonard painting called... The Girl? Perhaps?

Anyway it's all Coloraid. 

a slew of work that I needed to repost to start this blog anew and thereby move on to better and newer and more finished things hurrah (collah!)

Joni Mitchell (haha even though she looks more like Frankfurter):

A "book cover" redesign of Stephen King's Rose Madder:

Paintings on cardboard: 

"Album cover" redesign for an EP of Fiona Apple's cover of The Beatles' "Across the Universe" - I think there's a certain theme of her... 

some butterflies

For a project last semester I painted a bunch of butterflies in oil. These are about half of them. 

The Monarch - Danaus plexippus: 

The Common Jezebel, Delias Eucharis:

The Great Windmill, Atrophaneura dasarada:

The Common Line Blue, Prosotas nora:

The Ithomid, Tithorea tarricina:
The Common Imperial, Cheritra freja
The Blue Morpho, Morpho menelaus:

a slew of work that I needed to repost to start this blog anew and thereby move on to better and newer and more finished things hurrah (triad)

Now adding a brown in the mix: 

Fiona Apple (paint marker on cardboard):

Fiona Apple (again):

And Jason Statham:

a slew of work that I needed to repost to start this blog anew and thereby move on to better and newer and more finished things hurrah (black/white)

I'll start out slow - black and white images first: 

Some Lauryn Hill: 

Some more Lauryn Hill (mm gurl can groove):

Fiona Apple:

Some sparrows from my sketchbook (when I still used black ink):

And a Shakespeare sonnet from Seq. Art: 



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