Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sales of Work?

I've been mulling this around for a while and I'm curious - should I start selling prints of my work? And any suggestions about what to print? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Also, I've been working on lots of things, including a children's book, a spread and bunch of spots for a British Magazine, more swords (and other stuff), and I'm in three upcoming art shows, so there's a lot of work on the horizon! Update you all soon!


Darcy Terry said...

yes yes yes! Especially if they were larger prints (at least 11 x 17). I have a soft spot for your pokemon series, but I would love to buy prints of the Bindi Owl or your theater posters. Those would look awesome framed in my house.

Kevin Stanton said...

Darcy, thank you for the comment - especially because I'd completely forgotten about the theater posters!

I'm gonna be putting stuff up for sale in just a moment, and I'll add a new blog post with the link!

Gregory McCarthy said...

Hey Kevin! It's Greg (Gnoffo) McCarthy again...back from the past. Hope all is well. Sounds like you are keeping yourself quite busy,which is great to hear. So, just wanted to know if you have any good news about your Shakespeare series? I am absolutely in love with the four you have made. Could you let me know when you get a chance if they plan to sell any new books? Take care and best always !

Kevin Stanton said...


Thanks for the support as always! The answer to your question, unfortunately, is no for the time being. My hope is that with continued determination for sales they'll reconsider!


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