Thursday, September 13, 2012

The New York Times Op/Ed

Oh, almost forgot to update with this too. Last week I got the call to do an illustration for an Op/Ed piece that compares Frederick Douglass' own experience with voter fraud to today and provides a modest proposal for suppressing minority voting. It's very exciting to work on such a current piece, and the quick turnaround and fast-paced brainstorming was a ton of fun!

Check out the article HERE too!


Sade - 10"x17"

I did a spec project (of sorts) for Rolling Stone and decided to do a portrait of Sade. Kids, if you don't know her work, go listen to "Is it a Crime" or "No Ordinary Love". That woman and her band (collectively known as Sade) have staying power! Her latest album Soldier of Love is also fantastic. It has a kinda reggae-infused, subdued power. Fantastic. 

I listened to a lot of their music while I sketched and worked on this project, and I only grew to love it more. It's often referred to as "smooth jazz", but Matthewman's sax from their debut album is so much more soulful than smooth, and his contributions of rock to the guitar riffs in "No Ordinary Love" are impeccable. Check it out!

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