Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bindi Owl (redux) and Occult Swap

I got to participate in my first swap for Ten Paces and Draw! The theme was Occult, but for some reason I had a hard time coming up with something that wasn't too strange. I was looking at a lot of Kevin Wada's paintings at the time, and everything I seemed to want to do was high fashion sorta things, which I didn't think would necessarily fit. 

Anyway, I did a barn owl. Mostly because I'm playing around with a new way of sketching out my pieces. I liked the sketch (below) so much though, and was itching to see how the new process would work, that I finished the piece myself too (above). But anyway, to the project:

(my sketch for the swap)

(sketch from Dave Valeza)

I loved the sketch that Dave Valeza sent. I'm completely jealous of people who sketch people for fun, and I liked the structure of his sketch. So this is the final I did based on his sketch:

And the gorgeous final he did of my sketch: 

 I love so many parts of it! The phases of the moon actually look exactly like they would if I were to hand-cut them, which is so cool! And all of the symbols are replicated too! Go check out his work - it's awesome!


Heather Sisson said...

These are amazing! Im always surprised by the talent that goes into your work. Each piece is so different and beautiful :)

Kira - said...

Gorgeous. I think barn owls qualify as an occult subject! They're a wee bit creepy. I love your work!


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