Friday, July 20, 2012

Die Blumen

I spent almost three weeks in Germany with my family in June. Incredible country. Gorgeous scenery, a friendly people, solar panels and wind turbines in even the smallest villages. When I got home I decided to take the huge amount of paper products I got from pamphlets and maps and use them to collage some of the many flowers that I saw (and collected in a small journal).

For me, someone who prefers to create his own textures for the most part, this was a very fun and liberating project. And I love the idea of both collecting original flowers in my field journal, and then transcribing them with pieces of the country itself.

Oh, there's a little bit of Austria in there too (the Schonnbrun is in the Campanula and Klimt's The Kiss is used in a lot of the yellows because it was so prevalently advertised). Loved it all.

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