Monday, February 6, 2012

Carved Complexities: Opening Night

For Gallery Nucleus' "Carved Complexities" Show I finished two large pieces - "Papaver I" and "Helianthus I". Each is 1'x2' - much, much larger than I usually work. But it was exhilarating to be able to plan the patterns with such detail (like Fermat's Spiral, the mathematical equation that comprises the dual-spiral of the sunflower's whorl).

Both are for sale at Gallery Nucleus here. Be sure to check out the other pieces in the show - they're magnificent! It was a great honor to be included with my peers in this show! Below are some pictures I took!

The show included work by Julene Harrison, Haruka, Beatrice Coron, Charles Clary, Hunter Stabler, Matthew Shlian, and Lucrezia Bieler:

(on the left is a piece by Julene Harrison)

(behind me to the right is another piece by Julene)

(the three pieces in black are by Beatrice Coron)


Akeem Everett said...

Congrats Kev on the Show, love that your colors really carvvved out from the rest. get cause its...paper that's carved...and you know your colors pop out from the mostly black and white.....fuck that might have been a bad pun, lol, oh well you know what I mean nice job dude.

Kevin Stanton said...

Haha, thanks Akeem!


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