Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1st Ave Machine, Ogilvy, and Domtar

As some of you may know, I was asked by Ogilvy via 1st Ave Machine productions a little while ago to participate in the making of a commercial for Domtar, which is a sustainable paper company. It was an incredible project - I did a large cut-paper piece for them and well as starring in the commercial (which is pretty intense and unique for a freelance illustrator, I think). 

So without further ado: 

This was an amazing project, and all of the people involved were incredible. The production company was fantastic and accommodating, the set design team (Josephine Shokrian) did an amazing job, Ogilvy was great with feedback and wonderful to chat with, and Domtar was very appreciative of the whole creative process.  Also props to LXWXH, the lasercutter we used to create "cooking-style" pieces for the development of the project. And to Melissa Ling for helping me cut a part of it while my wrist rested!

I hope to work with these great people again some time!

Finally, this is the piece I did for them, 16"x20":


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