Monday, December 13, 2010

Part One of Promised Work

I finally finished one of two sketchbook pages I've been working on (seen below). But then I decided to make it into a mailer, and then decided that the butterflies that I had already completely cut weren't the right color and not as well-designed as I wanted so I completely redid them into the corona that you see now.

I'm trying to incorporate watercolor and flat paper together. In a way, I think it has the potential to blow open a new direction for me. I'd really love to hear what people think, because I've shirked watercolor for too long now, and am interested in whatcha think.

I'm pretty psyched to print these out and send them to clients!

Oh, and I'm a bit disappointed to say that my cover for The Orchard wasn't chosen to be published - they went with a photographic cover instead. Still, a job is a job, and I also got an awesome piece out of it, so I'm not that disappointed.


Heather Sisson said...

I love the animals you do. Id say my favorite part of this is the lions fur. Its very detailed and beautiful. I hope you get some publishing action soon :)

Anonymous said...

It really looks great! I think you did an amazing job combining the watercolor with the flat cut paper.

folderol said...

Thank you both!

Heather - I think you probably know by now that I will go the extra mile to make really intricate details barely noticeable except as a shadow, and I'm glad you appreciate that amount of crazy.

Lorraine - Thank you! It's definitely something I'm going to continue experimenting with!

Marie McLaughlin

i think the watercolor and cut paper go together wonderfully..keep it going!

LeahNO said...

Hell yea! This is absolutely gorgeous! In fact, I wish I could hang it on my wall! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

Joy Pierce said...

Unbelievably stunning, as always, Kevin. You've grown so much. Words cannot express how so incredibly proud I am of you.

folderol said...

Thank you you guys! I'm glad everyone likes the way it's working out so far!

fireplug said...

And good seeing you on Friday :)

folderol said...

Thanks Maritsa! It was great seeing you too!


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