Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Orchard (my first commissioned book cover!)

So this is my first commissioned book cover! In honor of that I wanted to show my process, which was really exciting.

Thumbnails in my 'idea book':

From that the publisher chose three to be enlarged:

She liked the last one, of the single tree but asked that the trunk not be quite so gnarly. Then color studies and the composite sketch:

This is the grey leaves separate from the rest. By far the most work in the project:

The finished product! The original is 13"x8.5" I think (biggest thing I've done in cut paper since those insane, long silhouettes a year ago):

It's not definite that this is the published cover yet, but fingers crossed!


Marie McLaughlin

Im so proud of you kevin, this is beautiful!

LeahNO said...

GORGEOUS, KEVIN!!!!!!!! You are incredible! And I miss you beyond words!

Akeem Everett said...

Simply beautiful, congrats.

Jonessta said...

This is really amazing work, I hope it gets published so I can see it around =) Also, thanks for showing your process, I love looking at sketchbooks and ideas, it's like an insight into another artist's life and the way they think. Great job all round =)

folderol said...

Thank you guys so much! I'll keep everyone updated if it actually gets published!


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