Monday, November 29, 2010

Somethin Crazy

I'm not quite sure why, but I didn't announce that I've been hired to do a book cover! A real one! This is a small sample of a few of the pieces I'm working on right now!


Akeem Everett said...

Congratulation Kevin, the color palette and textures from the paper, are looking really interesting, can't wait to see the finish.

Jonessta said...

Awesome, congratulations on the book cover commission =) How did they find you to hire you? Loving the new work by the way, like the brown.

folderol said...

Thank you both!

Akeem - I've been really excited about a few textured papers recently so I'm glad you like them! New York Central is like crack to me! Or coke maybe, being that it's so expensive and high quality... Let's go with coke then.

Stacey - to answer your question, an obscene amount of cold calls that I make every week, and the few interviews I get from those. One interview led to the contact that eventually hired me for the book cover! And thank you!

Marie McLaughlin

i'm so proud of you kevin, this is beautiful!


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