Saturday, November 20, 2010

hard at work

So I haven't posted too much lately but I'm hard at work on two sketchbook pages that incorporate both flat paper and watercolor (pieces of both shown above), and also the book cover that I was hired to do!

This is also a book cover I did digitally (to show that I can use Photoshop and Illustrator). Lemme know what you think:


Heather Sisson said...

I really like the bird and butterflies. Its very cute :)

folderol said...

Thank you Heather.

Melissa Ling said...

I really enjoy the bird and butterfly silhouettes. I like the design of the book cover too. It'd be interesting if the blue was textured like your hand-cut pieces to see what your digital and handmade work would look like together.

folderol said...

Thanks for the advice Melissa. I added a crumpled paper texture to the background of it and I think I like it a lot more.


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