Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pokémon - Ampharos

Four out of six main party Pokémon done.


Hunter said...

Can I make a request for a shiny luxray?

Do you want money or do you want to do a trade? I know you're a fan of birds and flowers and stuff and I could do a drawing similar to that bird one. Or I could just give you money.

Seriously dude I love this shit. If you make a whole batch of them I bet you could get it published somehow.

Joy Pierce said...

You blow my mind. You're so incredibly talented and only getting better!
I look up to you in every way! I am so lucky to know you.

folderol said...

Haha, Hunter, let's do a trade. I'd love something with birds and flowers, and specifically I think white rowan berries would be really interesting. The only other specificity I can think of is that I love hummingbirds (even though they're nasty critters) and tufted titmice. And I really liked the way some of the birds in the one you did were upside down. Other than that, run with it! I'm excited!

And yes, I will definitely do a shiny Luxray (because that shit is badass). The ones I've been doing are 4"x4". Do you want its fur to be textured like Arcanine's in some places or more graphic like the other ones?

And holy crap, if there's a way to be published with this and not bring the holy might of Nintendo down on me, that would be AWESOME!!!


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