Tuesday, October 27, 2009


For my aunt and new uncle's wedding favors, I designed a monogram of their new, unified initials:
K for Karen, G for Glenn, and M for Martin.


Melissa Ling said...

Nice! I really like the art deco feel to it!

are you going to cut it out of paper? :)

folderol said...

Thanks! I was definitely going for something Art Deco - formal, but not really frilly like the typical cursive monogram.

They were used as little tags on the wedding favors actually, I printed them onto cardstock and cut them out as little diamonds with a hole punch at the top. I was actually really happy with the way they turned out.

Ann Martin said...

Very handsome! I hope the couple was pleased with your design.

folderol said...

They did like it very much. I made the monograms into tiny tags that were tied with ribbon around square votive candles and I thought they looked great.


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