Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Chemistry of Pigments

I won't lie, it's a class I love. I mean... we do some really fun chem problems (never thought I'd say that), we focus on the Periodic Table (whose organization is something every OCD person cherishes), and we synthesize our own pigments! 

For a midterm we had to integrate science and art, so I studied three different pigments and did a painting using them. Someone in my Children's book class briefly described the actual process to me, and then I found more exact directions online, but I really like how it looks kind of like a woodblock print and less like a painting. 

By the way, the pigments I used were Indanthrone Blue (an organic synthetic), Rose Madder Genuine (made from the Madder Root, a fugitive), and Naples Yellow (or Antimony sometimes, whose lead component is almost exclusively replaced by other metals). 

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